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Happy Holidays, ALL!

Tis the season to hang holiday lights! So beautiful and twinkly. Much needed when the days are short. But please let me take this opportunity to remind you that ladders can be very dangerous.

Don’t be like this gingerbread man!

As someone who spends a lot of time on ladders, I just want to remind you to please be safe!

Here are some ways that I stay safe on ladders:

1. I always check the ground or floor first. Is it level? Dry? Do I have space to set the ladder up safely?

2. Is the ladder tall enough so I can reach my target from the third or fourth rung from the top?

3. Did I clear off the top of the ladder before I took it away from a worksite? It’s so easy to lay down a hammer or other tool on the top of the ladder, forget it’s there, and then have it fall on your head or foot when you move the ladder!

When you’re reaching to get that star on the tree—make sure you are set up for safety.

And have a happy and safe holiday!

Warmest regards,



“Theo does amazing and elegant work! I was fortunate to buy a new home in which he did the electrical design/work.

The lighting in my house is both practical and as my friends say “theatrical.” The electrical panel speaks volumes about Theo’s organization, attention to detail and the superior quality of his work. 
He has returned to do additional work over the past year, he is always respectful, thoughtful and treats my home as if it were his own.”

—Joyce Michel, Graduate Hospital homeowner


There’s a new way to power our lives. Until now, the “typical” outlet has had ports for “typical” plugs. Now, there is a new type of outlet that also has ports for your USB cords, right next to the outlets for your plugs—and all contained within the same unit. When I first saw this, I thought it was such a great idea—especially when I was seeing my kitchen outlets being bombarded by all my family’s electronics—iPad, blender, SmartPhone, microwave, iPod, coffee maker…(your kitchen probably looks the same).


As soon as this product became available, I installed one in my kitchen to test it out. Well, what a great idea and product! I found that it allows more devices to be powered or recharged right next to each other, without having to bring in a power-strip, outlet “6-pack” or extension cord. It is also very sleek and minimal, kind of a look into the future. After using it myself, I would definitely recommend it to my clients.


To bring this futuristic space-saver to your home or office, call or text me at 215.290.6122 today.


Thank you for visiting my blog!


—Theodore Linde, Your Personal Electrician in Philadelphia


While I enjoy every type of project I do, I particularly like to be part of creating a homeowner’s dream kitchen. There are so many innovative and beautiful lighting products such as recessed lights with long-life LED bulbs. 

There are new solutions for powering our lives—such as outlets that include USB ports and allow four devices to be charged in the space that previously only fit two. From ultra-contemporary to stately and traditional, my clients’ kitchens have struck a balance of function and beauty that make them into true centers of daily life.

Call (or text) 215.290.6122 today to discuss how to create your dream kitchen—or dream bathroom, bedroom, living, and dining room!


—Theodore Linde, Your Personal Electrician in Philadelphia


Over the years, I have been distressed—to say the least—by the disregard that many contractors have shown to the homes and businesses of their clients. I have seen it all: from tracking dirt into a pristine, lovingly maintained home to leaving a trail of destruction for the homeowner to clean up. 

While I consider my work as an electrician to be a matter of technical knowledge of electrical code, architecture and mechanical systems, I also consider the utmost care of my clients’ spaces to be of vital importance as well. It really is a personal mission of mine. For this reason, I pull protective booties over my shoes, drop-cloth my work areas appropriately, wear rubber gloves when indicated, and take every precaution to protect my clients’ homes.

A precise, technically sound job done with utmost care for your home is what I love to do and what I do best, for all my clients.

When you are in need of the highest quality electrical service for your Philadelphia home or office spaces, call or text 215.290.6122.

—Theodore Linde, Your Personal Electrician in Philadelphia


For years, I have been watching the rise of affordable LED lighting. As an electrician for many apartment buildings, light commercial spaces (like art studios), and personal residences in Philadelphia, I have seen an increase in the demand for LED, and now, because it is more affordable, I have been able to recommend it to my clients.

There are many reasons to like LED lighting. First, it is eco-friendly. The high-efficiency design uses a fraction of the electricity of older lighting sources—and many bulbs come in packaging that will explain the savings over time. Second, LED runs “warm”—not hot—and can be touched with the bare hand, so no more burning your fingers or your drapes on a hot bulb. While burn safety is always a high priority, using LED in children’s areas is especially important.

LED emits a crisp, beautiful light and comes in a wide range of colors—cool white, warm white, blue, red, purple, green, and just about everything in between. Because of the incredibly long lamp life, there are great reductions in labor costs because you do not have to hire someone to change out-of-reach bulbs so frequently. 

Also, LED is versatile. I see it in table lamps, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lights, holiday decorations, lighted water sources, and for indoor and outdoor applications. Just about anywhere you need light there is probably an LED that will suit your needs, at a price that will match your budget.

—Theodore Linde, Your Personal Electrician in Philadelphia


Ceiling fans are a great invention. They are remarkable ‘movers of air’ and help to regulate temperature to suit the user’s preference while using very little electricity. One common mistake that people make, however, is buying the lowest-cost one they can find. As an electrician in Philadelphia for more than 20 years, 

I’ve installed many ceiling fans and have seen how the lower-cost units (under $100) start to wobble and make ticking sounds. I remind homeowners that these units have motors and moving parts, which means they wear over time. Also, the fan blades themselves start to warp and change shape because of the exposure to the normal environmental elements of the home (or office)—and this adds to the misalignment that causes the wobbling and ticking.

Another important thing to remember is that the lower-cost models simply don’t move air as well. The design of the blades and motor is less sophisticated and less sturdy, geared toward the lower-cost mass-production unit. 

The better brands/models (at least $100) will tend to perform their basic job better and do so more quietly and for a much longer time. (I favor the Casablanca Ceiling Fans brand.) Ceiling fans contribute so much to your comfort in your home, so I always recommend spending more upfront to have a better experience over time.

—Theodore Linde, Your Personal Electrician in Philadelphia

2014, 2013, 2012, & 2011 - ANGIE'S LIST SUPER SERVICE AWARDS!

2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 Winner, Angie’s List Super Service Award. Thanks to my clients!